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RooBarb Pub Poker League NJ offers an evening of no-risk, non-gambling Texas Hold-em poker for points that may be used to qualify for six larger tournaments(How To Play) we offer throughout the calendar year. At those tournaments, you will have the chance to win prizes in the form of Visa Gift Cards, or if you are fortunate enough to win our Tournament of Champions, an entry into a casino event worth approximately $1,500.

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Hi Gang,
A short note tonight...
First, qualification games for the Summer Mini Tournament begin tomorrow night and run for eight weeks of play. Get in on the action - we had loads of fun at the Spring Mini last week. Playing in a Mini is a fun way to start off your weekend, so get in on the fun and start piling up the points. read more..

Player Spotlight

player spotlight


Jim Boyle played aggressive, big stack poker at the final table, and then dropped it down a gear in the heads-up, as he won the RooBarb Pub Poker League’s Spring Mini Tournament championship by knocking out second place finisher Sue Woodell in a short eight hand heads-up battle in which the cards did most of the playing. Representing Tiffany’s, Jim won a $100 Visa gift card for himself and $25 cards for each of his bar mates, Rob Rinaldi, Ann Meyer, and a familiar name, Mary Claire Boyle. Sue walked off with a $50 gift card for her efforts.
With the win, Jim becomes the third qualifier for the 2016 RooBarb Poker League Tournament of Champions, to be played the first week of January, 2017 (weather permitting).

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Summer Mini Tournament


Qualifying begins for Fall Mini Tournament

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We provide professional poker managers at each location and there is never a buy-in required. There are two games each night starting at 7pm and 9pm. If you’re a novice or have never played Texas Hold 'em, come on down to the venue of your choice (venues), fill out a New Player form and sit down to play. Our Managers will help you learn the game as will the other players. However, we expect you to "support the venue" – buy something! Each pub that hosts RooBarb Pub Poker offers good food and a fun atmosphere. The venues (venues) pay for your night of poker, so we think it’s more than fair to ask you to drop at least a ten spot on the good food and drink available to you while you play. Players Pub Poker has been in existence for 10 years providing patrons with a fun, safe place for Texas Hold Em players to meet. After starting as players and then Tournament Directors, we purchased the league in 2014.


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